Andrew Pentis

Andrew Pentis is a writer specializing in personal finance and paying for college. Andrew earned his degree from Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Communication. His work has appeared in about 40 publications.

Articles by Andrew Pentis

What’s the Cost to Refinance Student Loans?

Student loans should never cost you anything to refinance. Homeowners can sometimes spend thousands of dollars to refinance a mortgage — however, the cost to... read more

Your Complete Guide to State Financial Aid Grants

About 57% families used at least one grant to help pay for college during the 2018-19 academic year, according to a 2019 Sallie Mae report... read more

Laurel Road Student Loan Reviews, Plus Refinancing

Pros of Laurel Road student loans: Cons of Laurel Road student loans: ● Check eligibility, rates without a hard credit pull ● No fees (other... read more

72% of Federal Student Loan Borrowers Aren’t Financially Ready to Resume Payments

Rumblings emerged from Washington, D.C., in early March that the White House was considering yet another extension of the pandemic-inspired moratorium on federal student loan... read more

Consider the Alternatives Before Using a Personal Loan for Business

If you’re launching your own venture or operating a small company already, then yes, you may consider a personal loan for business use instead of... read more

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