Barbara Balfour

Barbara Balfour is a journalist with 19 years of experience covering topics such as finance and investment, business and entrepreneurship, and personal loans. Her work has been published in a range of business publications across North America and Europe.

Articles by Barbara Balfour

Piano Financing Options: Your Guide

If you’ve dreamed of tickling the ivories, or maybe you harbor a secret hope your child will one day become a concert pianist, piano financing... read more

8 Warning Signs of Personal Loan Scams

Personal loans can be a big help if you’re looking to cover an unanticipated expense. However, you must make sure you’re working with a legitimate... read more

10 Common Uses for a Personal Loan

Whether your personal loan is unsecured or backed by collateral, it’s a source of funding that can be used to pay for virtually anything, from... read more

What Is Revolving Debt, and How Is It Different From Installment Debt?

If you shop with a credit card or borrow funds from a line of credit, you’re carrying revolving debt. While your interest rate on that... read more

What Happens When You Default on an Unsecured Loan?

If you have an unsecured loan – like a personal loan, student loan or a line of credit – you may be unsure what would... read more

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