Jacqueline DeMarco

Jacqueline DeMarco is a writer who specializes in financial topics. Her first job out of college was in the financial industry and it was there she gained a passion for helping others understand tricky financial topics. She frequently writes for financial publications such as MagnifyMoney, Northwestern Mutual, SoFi, and more. Jacqueline shares her latest financial stories on JacquelineDeMarco.com.

Articles by Jacqueline DeMarco

45% of Streaming Moochers Wouldn’t Purchase Their Favorite Subscription Service If They Couldn’t Use Someone Else’s Login

It was an announcement heard around the virtual world: In April 2022, Netflix announced its plans to crack down on password sharing. Plenty of consumers... read more

Best Summer Jobs for Teens by Industry

Summer is here, and one way for teens to escape the boredom of not having anything to do is to get a summer job. A... read more

1 in 4 Americans Are Currently Boycotting a Product or Company

Companies today need more than good products at fair prices to succeed — they also need to reflect their customers’ values. The latest LendingTree survey... read more

Moms Want Quality Time for Mother’s Day, But That’s Not What Americans Are Planning to Give Them

With Mother’s Day around the corner, many people are hunting for the perfect gift. If you haven’t shopped yet, the newest LendingTree survey of more... read more

2022 Pennsylvania First-Time Homebuyer Programs

Pennsylvania residents may get a helping hand when they purchase their first home, thanks to the array of statewide and local first-time homebuyer programs offered.... read more

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