Jacqueline DeMarco

Jacqueline DeMarco is a writer who specializes in financial topics. Her first job out of college was in the financial industry and it was there she gained a passion for helping others understand tricky financial topics. She frequently writes for financial publications such as MagnifyMoney, Northwestern Mutual, SoFi, and more. Jacqueline shares her latest financial stories on JacquelineDeMarco.com.

Articles by Jacqueline DeMarco

Lending Between Family or Friends Results in Guilt, Hurt Feelings and Regret, Survey Finds

Mixing money with your personal relationships can get tricky. A recent LendingTree survey of over 1,000 Americans found that almost a third of respondents reported... read more

Cities With the Most Six-Figure Non-Mortgage Debt

Six-figure debt is the kind of eye-popping number we associate with mortgages; after all, homes are usually the largest purchases we’ll make over our lifetime.... read more

Places That Pay Their Bills on Time, and Places Where People Fall Behind

Falling behind on bills is one of the most stressful aspects of modern life. Overtime, digging yourself out of late payments can become more challenging... read more

How Much Does a Private Pilot License Cost?

Obtaining a private pilot license is a big undertaking and one that should be taken seriously. Paul Sallach, president and chief flight Instructor of All... read more

What Does It Cost to Repair Car Body Damage?

Body repairs can range from small dings and dents to massive repairs. Repair costs can vary widely. Most estimates put the cost to repair body... read more

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