Jacqueline DeMarco

Jacqueline DeMarco is a writer who specializes in financial topics. Her first job out of college was in the financial industry and it was there she gained a passion for helping others understand tricky financial topics. She frequently writes for financial publications such as MagnifyMoney, Northwestern Mutual, SoFi, and more. Jacqueline shares her latest financial stories on JacquelineDeMarco.com.

Articles by Jacqueline DeMarco

Personal Loan Scams: 5 Warning Signs

When it comes to personal loans, there are plenty of legitimate lenders and services available. Unfortunately, there are also scammers looking to take advantage of... read more

Airlines and Airports With the Worst On-Time Arrival Performances in 2023 — A Closer Look at Flight Delays, Cancellations and More

As we get deeper into 2023, airports worldwide seem to have become synonymous with a lingering sense of anticipation and frustration. However, there are glimmers... read more

63% of Homeowners in an HOA Say They’re Priced Fairly, but Fees Are on the Rise for Many

If you want to start a hot debate at your next dinner party, ask everyone their thoughts about homeowners associations (HOAs). People generally have strong... read more

How Length of Credit History Affects Your Credit Score

Your credit score influences the amount of credit and the terms that lenders may offer you. What determines your score? Your payment history, amounts owed,... read more

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