Kali McFadden

Kali McFadden manages the production of LendingTree economic and industry research related to personal finance topics. She has a special interest in how Americans interact with debt and credit products.

Articles by Kali McFadden

LendingTree Personal Loan Index for September 2022

The LendingTree Personal Loan Index is a real-time snapshot of how Americans seek to use this financial product, and whether lenders can meet demand in... read more

Variance in Offered Rates for the Same Borrower on the Same Loan

At LendingTree, we know that the same prospective borrower can be offered vastly different terms from lenders for the same loan. In fact, our marketplace... read more

LendingTree Personal Loan Offers Report

Rate and loan-amount offers varied widely among consumers, depending on factors including (but not limited to) credit score, income and current debt obligations. Spreads between... read more

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Finances

Personal finance can be a very confusing, dull topic for many, so we carefully and methodically positioned our tongues into our cheeks (because we debt... read more

Places With the Most Student Debt

U.S. student loan debt hit the $1.5 trillion mark earlier this year, but Southerners appear to be shouldering more than their share. Student loan debt... read more

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