Kali McFadden

Kali McFadden is the senior manager at LendingTree and MagnifyMoney based in Charlotte, N.C., where she conducts data-driven studies of issues related to personal finance and economics.

Articles by Kali McFadden

Places With the Most Student Debt

U.S. student loan debt hit the $1.5 trillion mark earlier this year, but Southerners appear to be shouldering more than their share. Student loan debt... read more

Metros With the Most Fraud Alerts

LendingTree researchers use anonymized customer data to determine where people were most likely to request that a fraud alert be placed on their credit reports.... read more

LendingTree Study: The Cost of Bankruptcy

Over 700,000 Americans submitted personal bankruptcy filings in 2017, at an average clip of 60,000 per month. And these are just the new filings, which... read more

Best Places for a Fresh Start

Whether you are looking to start fresh after paying off significant debts or you’re ready to launch a new career in a new place, the... read more

Which used car brands do borrowers stretch their finances most to buy?

Financing a car is one of the more significant financial decisions Americans make, and even those of us who try to save money by buying... read more

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