Melissa Wylie

Melissa Wylie is a former senior small business writer for LendingTree. In her role, Melissa explored all aspects of business ownership, from the start to the sale to all the hurdles in between.

Articles by Melissa Wylie

Scaling a Business: How & When to Do It

Many entrepreneurs start a business with the goal of one day running a large company. While you might start small, you can dream big and... read more

How to Bootstrap Your Startup

For many new business owners, traditional business financing, like bank loans, are out of reach. Instead, many startup entrepreneurs have to bootstrap and use their... read more

Understanding the Articles of Incorporation

If you decide to run your business as a corporation, filing articles of incorporation makes it official. Also known as a certificate of incorporation, this... read more

Opening a Salon in 7 Steps

Opening a salon requires more than having a background as a stylist and a roster of loyal clients. You need a location in a high-traffic... read more

What a UCC Filing Means for Your Business Loan

When you take out a business loan, the lender is likely to require a UCC filing to lay claim to your business assets. A Uniform... read more

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