Melissa Wylie

Melissa Wylie is a former senior small business writer for LendingTree. In her role, Melissa explored all aspects of business ownership, from the start to the sale to all the hurdles in between.

Articles by Melissa Wylie

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Startup Business Loans: Find Funding for Your New Small Business

Startup business loans can offer a lifeline to new business owners in need of capital. Although business lenders typically require applicants to have at least... read more

Where Small Business Owners Say COVID-19 Hasn’t Hurt Business

The coronavirus pandemic pushed 45.7 million Americans to file for unemployment benefits at some point during the crisis, but some U.S. companies have not seen... read more

Demographics of Business Owners in Hardest-Hit Industries During Coronavirus Pandemic

Young entrepreneurs are disproportionately suffering in the U.S. industries hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. LendingTree researchers found that 45% of businesses with owners younger... read more

States With the Most Essential Businesses

A swath of the U.S. from the south Atlantic into the heartland has the greatest number of businesses deemed essential during a stay-at-home order. Nonessential... read more

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