Erika Giovanetti

Erika Giovanetti

Erika Giovanetti is a personal finance reporter whose work has been featured in the New York Times, NPR, CNBC, CBS News, Fox Business, the Today Show and many more. Erika is passionate about helping consumers make informed decisions with their money. She specializes in personal loans, consumer debt, budgeting and spending, medical billing, predatory lending and finance apps.

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Articles by Erika Giovanetti

Fence Financing: 5 Options, Including Personal Loans

There’s a reason why white picket fences are synonymous with the American dream: They can keep pets and children safe at home while keeping intruders... read more

Treadmill Financing: How to Finance Workout Equipment

Staying in shape isn’t always cheap: Treadmills can cost anywhere from $300 to $3,000 or more, according to data from CostHelper. Luckily, there are plenty... read more

1 in 3 Americans Will Attend a Wedding This Summer, Ready to Spend More Money Than Ever Before

The coronavirus pandemic has cast a shadow over the wedding industry during the past year. But now, with renewed optimism, thanks in part to the... read more

What Credit Score Is Needed to Get a Personal Loan?

Unsecured personal loans are lump-sum installment loans repaid in fixed monthly payments over a set period, typically a few years. Since they don’t require collateral,... read more

3 Engagement Ring Financing Options, Including Loans and Credit Cards

Couples pay an average of $5,500 for an engagement ring, according to WeddingWire’s 2021 Newlywed Report. While paying in cash is the best way to... read more

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