Janet Berry-Johnson

Janet Berry-Johnson is a freelance writer with four years of experience covering accounting, income taxes, insurance, mortgages and personal finance topics. She’s a CPA and spent a decade working as an auditor and tax adviser before pursuing writing full time. She’s written for several outlets, including Forbes, Discover, FreshBooks and Wirecutter. Her blog, Life & Taxes, caters to small business owners interested in learning more about accounting and taxes.

Articles by Janet Berry-Johnson

How to Bootstrap Your Startup

For many new business owners, traditional business financing, like bank loans, are out of reach. Instead, some startup entrepreneurs bootstrap, using their own resources to... read more

Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio: Formula and How To Calculate

The fixed charge coverage ratio (FCCR) shows how well a business can pay its fixed expenses, including mandatory debt payments and interest. Lenders and investors... read more

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