Kamaron McNair

Kamaron McNair is a former staff writer at LendingTree. She previously served as an editorial assistant at LendingTree, where she provided administrative support for the content team and ran social media for LendingTree acquisitions MagnifyMoney and Student Loan Hero. Before starting at LendingTree, Kamaron was the editorial assistant at The Daily Beast, where she wrote cultural essays and breaking news clips. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with her bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, concentrating in nonfiction writing and American history.

Articles by Kamaron McNair

Best and Worst States for Veterans

Every November, on Veterans Day, Americans honor the service and commitment that veterans have given to protect our country. While civilians and veterans may share... read more

Consumers With Both Student and Auto Debt Tend to Owe Less on Car Loans, but Gap Widens for Those Who Owe More on Vehicles

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Most Expensive and Least Expensive Colleges

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States Where You’re Most Likely to Be Hounded for a Debt You Don’t Owe

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48% of Renters Worry They’ll Never Be Able to Buy; Down Payments Biggest Barrier

While owning a home has always been a major dream of American consumers, rising home prices have made homeownership even harder to attain — but... read more

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