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Boat Financing

Want to buy a boat? We can help. Allow LendingTree to help with your boat financing by comparing rates and terms from multiple lenders, making sure you get the best rate on your boat loan. Our lenders offer loans on new and used boats, as well as personal watercrafts, including flyboards, wetbikes, jet skis, superjets, and wave blasters. If you have an existing loan, we can even help you with refinancing.

Getting a boat loan doesn’t have to be an adventure—we make it easy! Apply online with LendingTree so you can start spending your weekends on the water (and in the captain’s chair!).

Boat loans include loans on:

  • Sailboats
  • Pontoons
  • Bass Boats
  • Aluminum

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How to qualify

Similar to applying for an auto loan, you’ll need to have proof of income and your credit will need to be pulled. While the minimum credit score will vary by lender, the higher your score, the better interest rate you’ll receive.

If you’re not sure what your credit score is, you can get your free credit score here, and then move forward with applying for your loan. If your credit isn’t where you want it to be, don’t worry. We have lenders that can help get you a good rate with less than perfect credit.

Great rates and flexible terms

When buying a boat, you want your interest rate to be as low as possible and your terms to be flexible. LendingTree will help match you to lenders that will meet your needs exactly.

Benefits of using LendingTree to find your loan include:

  • Loan amounts from $1,000 to no upper limit
  • Comparison shopping to get you the best rate on your loan
  • Flexible terms to fit your lifestyle
  • Loan options for those with less than perfect credit

New and used boat loans

Whether you want to purchase a brand new boat or a used one, LendingTree can help.

Advantages of getting a new or used boat loan through LendingTree include:

  • Free online loan request
  • Comparison shop boat loan rates from multiple lenders
  • Get approved, then shop for a new boat

Once you have these items, fill out a form with LendingTree to start receiving offers.

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How much boat can you afford?

Use our boat loan calculator to determine estimated monthly payments on your new or used boat.