Erika Giovanetti

Erika Giovanetti

Erika Giovanetti has reported on a multitude of subjects, from personal finance to human interest to politics. You can find her work on MSN Money, Yahoo! Finance, GOBankingRates and the seven print and online publications in the regional Mountain Times network. Her passion as a writer lies in unearthing and retelling lesser-known stories.

Articles by Erika Giovanetti

Where Social Distancing Hits Residents the Hardest

Social distancing, which is said to help stop the spread of viral diseases like COVID-19, is the simple voluntary act of people staying away from... read more

The Real Cost of Bankruptcy Lies Within Interest Rates

Bankruptcy is sometimes portrayed as a failure, but in reality, it is more synonymous with credit recovery. More than 58,000 Americans filed for bankruptcy in... read more

Walmart Financing and Alternative Options to Consider

When you need to make a big purchase but don’t have the money for it, sometimes you just can’t wait. Maybe you’re dealing with a... read more

63% of Americans Say Their Finances Have Been Impacted by Coronavirus

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a global pandemic, and its effects can be felt throughout all aspects of life. The empty office spaces, barren grocery store... read more

Americans Spend $178 Stockpiling for Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak is now a global pandemic, and Americans are doing whatever they can to keep their families safe. In many cases, that means... read more

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