Erika Giovanetti

Erika Giovanetti

Erika Giovanetti has reported on a multitude of subjects, from personal finance to human interest to politics. You can find her work on MSN Money, Yahoo! Finance, GOBankingRates and the seven print and online publications in the regional Mountain Times network. Her passion as a writer lies in unearthing and retelling lesser-known stories.

Articles by Erika Giovanetti

Half of Millennials Have a Side Hustle Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Financial hardship caused by the coronavirus pandemic has forced many consumers to look for opportunities to make extra cash wherever they can. Nearly half (45%)... read more

Can You Get a Loan With No Credit or Bad Credit?

It can be difficult getting a personal loan if your credit isn’t ideal, especially one that comes with a low APR. Still, if you need... read more

Using a Personal Loan to Pay Off Your Car

Personal loans can be used to pay for almost anything, and that includes paying off car loans. While personal loans tend to carry higher APRs... read more

What Is Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment is a legal process that requires your employer to withhold a portion of your disposable income to repay a debt. Your wages can... read more

Study: People of Color disproportionately impacted by pandemic’s financial hardship

The coronavirus pandemic has caused financial hardship for many, but it’s disproportionately affecting people of color, a September 2020 LendingTree survey of more than 2,000... read more

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