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If your credit rating has improved, interest rates have gone down, or you just flat-out got gouged on your financing when you bought your car, we're here to help. When you submit your information with us, we're going to help you get offers from multiple lenders who are all competing to win your business and help you refinance your car. That means you're going to be in a good position to get a better deal on your auto financing.

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Interest Rates Can Be Lower
FHA loans can be less expensive than non-government loans for people with small down payments or credit issues.
FHA loans are assumable. This feature can help you sell your property if rates are higher in the future.
Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM)
The VA program allows up to $6,000 in improvements (or more if an appraisal shows the improvements will be 100% offset by an increase in the home's value) to be added to the home purchase or refi as long as the total does not exceed VA loan limits. No special underwriting is required; the VA just says that the mortgage lender "must evaluate the veteran's ability to pay the increased loan payments caused by the addition of energy efficiency improvements."


LendingTree can help you:

  • Compare rates from multiple lenders
  • Qualify for a better interest rate
  • Reduce your monthly car payments
  • Save money on the life of your loan
  • Secure more flexible loan terms or payment options

Glossary Terms

Assumption Indemnity Clause
A clause informing buyers that they must agree to assume all of the obligations of the original borrower under the terms of the instruments creating... <a href='/glossary/what-is-assumption-indemnity-clause' title='See the full definition of Assumption Indemnity Clause'>read more</a>

Should I refinance
my mortgage?

If you can answer "Yes" to any of these questions, then a refinance may be right for you:

  • Are interest rates rising?
  • Has your credit rating improved?
  • Has your income increased?
  • Has your home equity increased?
  • Do you need to consolidate debt?
  • Do you need money for a major expense?

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Auto Refinance Rates

36 months rates
as low as
APR 1.85%
Interest Rate 1.85%
Loan Amount$20,000
778 Credit Score $572/mo $300 Down Payment
48 months rates
as low as
APR 1.90%
Interest Rate 1.90%
Loan Amount$18,115
730 Credit Score $393/mo $0 Down Payment
60 months rates
as low as
APR 1.99%
Interest Rate 1.99%
Loan Amount$15,000
724 Credit Score $263/mo $0 Down Payment

Should You Refinance Your Auto Loan?

One of the best ways to answer this question is to take a look at some of the ways refinancing can help you, and if you think one is good for you, complete a form through LendingTree. Then compare the offers you get to your current loan situation. If you could benefit from saving money, lowering your payment, getting extra cash, or skipping a payment, why wouldn't you refi your car?

Lower monthly payments

When you refinance your car, if you're more interested in lowering your monthly payment, we can help you do that. Just keep in mind, when you lower your monthly payment, you have more cash month-to-month, but you're paying more for your loan overall.

Skip a payment

Another benefit of refinancing your car loan is the possibility of negotiating a new loan term and payment options. The side benefit of this is that often, there's a month lull between your last car payment to your previous lender, and your new car payment to your new lender. This gives you an opportunity to catch up on your finances, since you'll be skipping an entire auto loan payment. If you need the extra cash to just catch up, this can be very helpful.

Bad Credit?

Refinancing your car may improve your credit score. But maybe you're afraid to make a request because your credit score is low. Maybe you've had some trouble--late payments, skipped payments, defaulting on a loan, foreclosure, filing bankruptcy--trust us, we've seen it all and you're not alone. Having a few trouble spots on your credit doesn't mean you can't refinance your auto loan, and it may even help you! We have options for people with poor or bad credit, so go on, give it a try!

Let's refinance my car

Still have questions about refinancing your car? You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Auto Refinance Calculator

How much can you save by refinancing your car? Find out when you use this refinance calculator to calculate your payment. Just enter your current loan amount, along with the estimated interest rate and loan term. Compare the payment amount to your current payment to see if you could be saving money.

  • $1,000$35,000
  • 2%15%