Kabbage Small Business Loans Review

Kabbage at a glance

Kabbage provides lines of credit to business owners who need ongoing access to small amounts of funding.

Eligible borrowers can use financing from a Kabbage line of credit to cover nearly any business expense, such as purchasing inventory, hiring more staff, upgrading equipment and more. Kabbage may be a good fit for business owners who have lower personal credit scores — however, hefty fees are often the tradeoff for a lender accepting a relatively low minimum credit score.


What Kabbage offers

Amount Terms Monthly Fee Time to Funding
Line of credit $2,000 to $250,000 6, 12 or 18 months 2-9% for 6-month loans

4.5-18% for 12-month loans

6.75-27% for 18-month loans

Not disclosed

Rates accurate as of August 3, 2022.

Business lines of credit between $2,000 and $250,000 are available from Kabbage. Borrowers can withdraw money from their credit line as needed, starting at $500 up to their limit. After making a withdrawal from your Kabbage dashboard on your computer or phone, funds would be deposited in your bank account in one to three days, and even faster if you set up a PayPal account as your primary account.

Every time you draw from your line of credit, Kabbage creates a new loan agreement. Each withdrawal amount has its own repayment terms and fees; that way, you only pay fees for what you borrow, not your entire credit line. In addition, you aren’t limited to a certain amount of loan agreements, only by the amount of your line of credit.

Since Kabbage’s line of credit is revolving, the full credit amount would become available as soon as you repay your debt.

Kabbage line of credit: Repayment and fees

Withdrawals must be repaid on a 6-, 12- or 18-month schedule. Kabbage charges a interest rates depending on the lenght of term: 2-9% for 6-month loans, 4.5-18% for 12-month loan and 6.75-27% for 18-month loans. Each month, you would owe an equal portion of your principal amount plus a monthly fee.

Six- and 12-month terms require borrowers to pay a fee each month you have a balance. For 18-month terms, fees are accrued at the start and borrowers must pay an equal portion of the fee and principal each month.

Each repayment term requires a minimum withdrawal amount:

  • Six months: $500 withdrawal
  • 12 months: $10,000 withdrawal
  • 18 months: $15,000 withdrawal

Kabbage allows early payoff for the six- and 12-month schedules, but not for 18-month terms. The rate also changes when you’re on a six- or 12-month term. For a six-month term, you would pay the full fee rate — which is based on your business details, such as revenue and credit profile — for the first two months. Then, the fee rate would drop to 1.25% for the remaining four months. For a 12-month term, you would pay the full fee rate for the first six months, then pay 1.25% for the remaining six.

Here’s an example of the fee amount you would pay if you made a $10,000 withdrawal from your line of credit and received a 4% fee rate and a six-month repayment term:

Months Rate   Principal Balance   Monthly Fee
1 – 2 4% X $10,000 = $400 $800
3 – 6 1.25% X $10,000 = $125 $500
Total Fee: $1,300


Based on the example, taking out $10,000 from your credit line would ultimately cost you $1,300 in fees. You would repay a portion of your principal each month, plus the monthly fee. But that same $10,000 withdrawal could cost you as much as $2,500 in fees if you received the highest monthly rate of 10%. Effective APRs for borrowing through Kabbage can be quite expensive, especially for larger amounts — as high as 80%.

Who is eligible for Kabbage financing?

Time in business Min. credit score Revenue
Line of credit 1 year None At least $3,000 monthly revenue


Kabbage requires businesses must generate at least $3,000 in monthly revenue.

Kabbage requires a minimum credit score of 640 to be eligible.

To share more information with Kabbage, you could connect business services to your application, including:

  • QuickBooks
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • PayPal
  • Xero
  • Stripe

Kabbage asks applicants for basic business information, such as name and address, but you may need to provide additional documentation:

  • Home and business address
  • Phone numbers
  • Industry
  • Business tax ID
  • Social Security number

Businesses not eligible for financing

Kabbage does not issue lines of credit to businesses in several industries:

  • Marijuana
  • CBD
  • Firearms
  • Gambling
  • Financial institutions
  • Lending
  • Nonprofit organizations

Based on Kabbage’s minimum requirements, startups or businesses that do not consistently generate revenue also would not qualify for a line of credit.

Kabbage review: Pros and cons

Pros Cons
  • Lenient eligibility requirements.
  • Small funding amount offered.
  • Multiple repayment schedules available.
  • Each withdrawal requires a new loan agreement.
  • Confusing rates and fees.


Does Kabbage offer small business loans? Kabbage offers a line of credit, even though its website may refer to its product as Kabbage loans. A line of credit allows you to draw money as needed from a set amount, while a loan provides a lump sum of money all at once. Kabbage treats each withdrawal from your credit line as an individual loan and creates a new loan agreement every time. Each withdrawal amount has its own repayment terms and fees.

Can I return funds? You can return unused funds within 24 hours of making a withdrawal. If you wait more than 24 hours to contact Kabbage, you would be responsible for repaying the full principal amount plus the first set of fees applied to your account.

Does Kabbage require a personal guarantee? Yes, business owners must provide a personal guarantee when signing a loan agreement. Signing a personal guarantee would make you personally liable to repay debt if your business defaults. In some instances, Kabbage may place a general lien on your business assets to secure the line of credit. That would give Kabbage the ability to seize those assets if the business defaults on payments.