Boat Loan Calculator

Are you considering buying a boat and asking yourself “how much boat can I afford?” Well, we can help!

How to use our boat loan calculator

Use our boat payment calculator to determine a monthly payment that you can afford when looking for new or used boat financing.

How it works

Simply enter your desired loan amount, interest rate, and the loan term over which you intend to pay back the loan. With these inputs, the calculator will compute your estimated monthly payment on your boat loan. Take this number and plug it into your current monthly budget.

If you find that the estimated boat loan payment could make your monthly finances a bit tight, consider adjusting the loan amount and/or boat loan term. It is important to keep in mind that if you decide on a lengthier loan term, though, your monthly payments might be lower, you may find that the total amount of interest paid may increase over the life of the boat loan.

Next steps

After nailing down a realistic budget, it’s time to shop around for a boat loan lender. As with any big purchase, it is always wise to comparison shop.

LendingTree can help you compare rates and terms from multiple lenders to find your best option and get you out on the water in no time!
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