QuickBridge Business Loans: 2023 Review

QuickBridge is an online lender offering where a variety of small business loans are available to borrowers with fair credit scores. QuickBridge reviews from business owners are largely positive, though some borrowers have said it’s difficult to alter terms if you struggle with repayment.

QuickBridge business financing at a glance

QuickBridge provides small business loans for a variety of situations. The California-based company is owned by National Funding, another online small business lender that specializes in equipment financing and leasing.

QuickBridge: Amounts, Terms and More
Amount Terms Starting rate Fees Minimum Credit Score
Working capital, bridge loans $10,000–$500,000 4–24 months 1.10 factor rate Origination fee, 1-2% 600
Equipment financing $10,000–$500,000 36–60 months 4.99% interest Doc fee, 1% of equipment cost 600

Working capital, equipment financing and bridge loans

Details about QuickBridge’s funding options are sparse. You’ll find out most of the details about your loan after submitting an application and speaking with a funding advisor.

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QuickBridge business loans review

You may qualify with QuickBridge even if you have fair credit — scores of 600 or higher are accepted. However, bad credit business loans often come with high rates, potentially as high as 100%. QuickBridge uses factor rates for its working capital loan, which you mulitply by the loan amount to determine the total borrowing costs.

Origination fee

Another potential downside to these loans is that QuickBridge charges an origination fee, which is typically based on a percentage of your loan amount.  When reviewing your loan offer, ask QuickBridge if the origination fee is charged upfront and taken out of your loan amount, or if the fee is rolled into your total borrowing costs.

QuickBridge borrower requirements

  • Minimum credit score required: 600 for working capital, equipment financing and bridge loans
  • Time in business required: Minimum of 6 months
  • Annual gross sales: At least $250,000

QuickBridge considers variables like your business type, how long you’ve been in business, annual sales and balances and personal credit when evaluating your application.

Businesses in the following industries are eligible for QuickBridge loans:

  • Contracting
  • Farming
  • Food services
  • Health and wellness
  • Retail and business services
  • Transportation

The lender also provides loans for women– and minority-owned businesses.

How to apply for QuickBridge

The process to get a business loan with QuickBridge  is stripped down. You may only have to provide a driver’s license and three months of business bank statements to get funding in as soon as 24 hours. However, in some credit situations, you may have to provide business and personal tax returns, too.

You’ll need to submit an application and speak with a QuickBridge loan advisor. If you don’t mind going through the process, which includes a soft credit pull, it may be worth it to see the rates, terms and fees you may get. You could also use a business loan calculator to estimate your monthly payments based on your credit score, time in business and loan amount.

Here are the basics steps to follow:

First, you provide basic information online: Your name, email and phone number, along with your business’s annual gross sales. From there, QuickBridge assigns you a funding advisor you’ll work with to get your loan details and asks you to fill out a prequalification form that includes:

  • Identity and company verification
  • Verification that you’re authorized to obtain company funding
  • A soft credit check
  • Communication consent

QuickBridge will ask you to electronically sign your prequalification application. At that point, the lender analyzes your business and your credit score and generates a loan quote.

According to a representative from QuickBridge, you may be able to receive your funds within 24 hours.