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How Does LendingTree Get Paid?

How Does LendingTree Get Paid?

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BMW Financing Deals

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BMW Financing At a Glance
Best for: Those who want to buy or lease a BMW

lenderAPRLoan termsCTA
Starting APR
0.00% APR and up
Loan Terms
Up to 72 months
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Like many auto manufacturers, BMW has its own financing arm, BMW Financial Services. It’s a popular way to get into a BMW, as the company finances more than three-fourths of the BMWs sold or leased in North America. You can finance a new BMW coupe, sedan or SUV through an authorized dealer, often with incentive offers such as 0.00% APR financing or lease deals — or, you can shop for a used certified pre-owned special. There are special incentives for BMW’s electric vehicles, and you can lease a car to drive for a rideshare. There are also offers for college graduates, military members and mobility equipment.

Those with good to exceptional credit scores (670 to 850) are likely to qualify for the best incentive deals.

How BMW Financial Services works

BMW Financial Services offers loans for new and used cars and leases, and you can apply online or at a BMW dealership. Like other manufacturers, BMW offers substantial deals for well-qualified owners who meet their credit requirements.

Before you go to the dealership, apply for loans from other lenders so you can compare BMW financing offers and make an informed decision.

BMW Financial Services financing and incentives must be used at an authorized dealer. Some incentives are offered only for a limited time.

New car loans: Up to 72 months

Limited offers: 0.0% APR for up to 60 months on BMW’s i series electric vehicles

Coupes and sedans: 0.9% APR up to 60 months

Higher level cars and SUVs: 1.9% APR for up to 60 months

BMW certified pre-owned

A certified pre-owned vehicle is one that’s been inspected and serviced by the dealer and repaired when necessary. BMW CPOs usually come with a factory-backed warranty and are eligible for dealer financing.

BMW’s Certified Program

  • Vehicles with 300 to 60,000 miles
  • Currently 2017-2019 model years
  • Carfax or AutoCheck Review
  • Review service history
  • 360-degree vehicle inspection
  • Comprehensive road test
  • Roadside assistance 24/7 up to six years
  • CPO Limited Warranty 1-year/unlimited miles after expiration of the 4-year/50,000-mile BMW new vehicle warranty

If you buy a BMW CPO vehicle that’s still covered by the original 4-year factory warranty, you’ll have a year of limited coverage after it expires. Extended protection plans are available at additional cost.

BMW CPO offers vary by model and incentives, but may include:

  • Low APR based on term and vehicle
  • No payments for two or three months (depending on model)
  • Purchase credit
  • Graduate offer
  • Loyalty credit

How BMW leasing works

If you like to drive a new car every few years or you have your heart set on a BMW that’s more expensive than you could afford to buy, leasing might be an option for you. When you lease a vehicle, you pay a monthly fee to use a vehicle for a set period of time, usually between 24 to 48 months.

BMW lease deals usually limit the number of miles you can drive and expect you to keep the wear and tear to a minimum, depending on the lease you choose. BMW has a thorough inspection process to ensure the vehicles are in good shape when it’s turned. In some leases, you can buy additional miles at a discounted rate before you turn it in.

BMW Leasing

  • Lease up to 42 months
  • Standard mileage limits are 10,000, 12,000 and 15,000 annually
  • Choose an option to use your leased BMW for car and ride sharing (available only in select states)

Leasing offers flexibility in ownership. When your lease is up, you can:

  • Lease the same vehicle again
  • Lease another vehicle
  • Purchase the vehicle at an agreed-on price
  • Turn it in to the dealer and walk away

BMW financing deals

BMW offers incentive deals to compete in the crowded luxury sport market and manage its inventory. BMW specials, such as low interest rates or zero-down offers, typically require buyers to be well-qualified by BMW Financial Services. BMW Financial Services offers are available through authorized dealers. You may be able to shop around for lower rates, but the incentives are available only through the BMW financing.

  • Low APR financing: Based on your credit score and current offers in your location, you may be able to receive low-APR financing.
  • Zero down payment: Well-qualified buyers can finance with zero money down.
  • Lease credit & dealer contribution: Lease credit and dealer contribution varies by model.
  • BMW i Financing: Finance a home charging station for a BMW electric vehicle and take advantage of up to $7,500 in Federal income tax credits.
  • Loyalty Credit: Worth $2,750 to $4,000 (depending on model) for those who have owned a BMW in the past 12 months, financed through BMW Financial Services.
  • Military Salute discount: Worth $500 to $11,000, the BMW military discount applies to active duty, retirees, veterans and family members of the U.S. armed forces.
  • Group Corporate Fleet Program: Fleet discounts are available for corporations that purchase BMW vehicles through a fleet management company for work cars or employee incentives.
  • Corporate Sales Program: Corporate incentives are available through BMW Financial or bring your own financing for organizations that have partnered with BMW. Worth up to $3,000 on most vehicles (up to $11,000 on the i3).
  • College Graduate Program: Worth $1,000 on a new or CPO used vehicle if you’ve graduated from a U.S.-accredited college or university in the past 24 months or will graduate in the next six months and have a job lined up.
  • Mobility Program: Worth up to $2,500 reimbursement for adaptive equipment on a new or CPO BMW.
  • Balloon financing: Mixes the lower monthly payments of leasing with benefits of ownership. A large final payment is required. Programs vary by state.

This list may not represent all the available BMW financing offers and incentives, or their requirements, at any given time. They may vary by location, time of year and vehicle model, so check the BMW website or with a dealership for more information.

How to qualify for BMW finance

You can apply for BMW financing online or at a BMW dealership. If you apply for BMW financing online or at a dealer, it will result in an official credit bureau inquiry or “hard pull” that could affect your credit score.

To apply for a car loan, you typically need to provide the following information:

Personal details: Name, address, phone number, Social Security number

Employment information: Employer, length of employment, income

Loan terms: How much you want to borrow and for how long (don’t forget to add items like taxes, title and tags as well as extended warranties or any other extras)

Vehicle: The car’s VIN or year, make and model

Depending on the dealer and financing company, you may need to provide additional information, such as proof of residence or current pay stubs.

Regarding credit scores required for incentives, BMW only says they are available to “highly-qualified buyers.” You’ll have to fill out a financing application to find out how you qualify. As such, it’s a good idea to check your credit score beforehand so you have some idea whether you’ll be offered the best rates and incentives.

Pros and cons of BMW finance

Auto manufacturers’ finance companies are designed to help sell cars, so they may offer the best deals if you’re in the market for those vehicles. The dealer is used to working with them so the process can go quickly and smoothly. However, dealer financing may not always be the best option if you’re interested in a different make or want to consider other financing options.

Pros Cons
Competitive incentives and offers if you’re set on a BMW Must finance or lease through an authorized BMW center
Could save on down payments and interest Must be highly-qualified for incentives
Offer a range of popular financing options You may want more flexible terms (for example, competitor Audi offers financing from 12 to 84 months)
Additional offers like vehicle protection, GAP insurance and wear-and-tear packages Extras could be rolled into financing for higher payments
Leasing is easy with additional miles and turn-in options Could get hit by mileage fees and wear-and-tear charges

Alternatives to BMW finance

Before you go shopping for a new or used BMW, shop around for financing alternatives. Get preapproved for a car loan so you know how much you can spend on a vehicle and can compare the dealer’s financing offer; preapproval means the lender has approved you to borrow up to a certain amount. The lender may even provide you with a check you take to the dealership like a personal check.

Getting preapproved will require a hard pull on your credit score, as will applying for dealer financing. But you can apply to multiple lenders within 14 days without majorly impacting your credit score — within this time, credit bureaus will treat these multiple pulls as if there were just one.

Lender BMW Capital One LightStream
APR 0.00% / 0.9% / 1.9% Starts at 5.49% 5.99%–11.99% (with AutoPay)
Terms (months) Up to 72 months 36 to 72 months 24 to 84 months*

Capital One: Offers new, used and refinance loan options at participating dealers. Available at thousands of dealers across the country, but not every one. Get prequalified without impacting your credit score. Plus, there are better rates available to those with lower credit scores than may be found with some of its competitors.

LightStream: Funds go to you so you’re a cash buyer at the dealer. Must use autopay to get the lowest rates. (*Payment example: Monthly payments for a $10,000 loan at 3.99% APR with a term of 3 years would result in 36 monthly payments of $295.20.)


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