Accord Business Funding: 2022 Review

Estimated APR range: N/A Best for: B2B lenders seeking a funding source for merchant cash advances
  • Estimated APR range: Not disclosed
  • Best for: B2B lenders seeking a funding source for merchant cash advances

Pros and cons of Accord Business Funding


  Available nationwide

  May offer special deals for Texas-based lenders

  May offer commissions and bonuses based on how many merchant cash advances you sell

  Does not perform hard credit checks on your customers

  Clunky, uninformative website

  Only offers merchant cash advances

  Doesn't offer merchant cash advances directly to businesses

Accord Business Funding review

Accord Business Funding appears to mainly offer business funding to other lenders that then offer direct financing for small businesses. But if you’re in need of a merchant cash advance yourself, you could try contacting them to see if they’d work directly with you, or at least refer you to one of their lenders. If your business is small business lending, you may want to consider Accord Business Funding as a source of funds, especially if you’re located in Texas and prefer to work with an incentive-driven model.

Who is Accord Business Funding for?

  • If you’re a lender looking to offer merchant cash advances to small businesses. Accord Business Funding doesn’t directly offer MCAs to small businesses; it only provides the money for other lenders to do so.
  • If you’re based in Texas. This Houston-based business has a preference for other Texas-based lenders, and may offer extra incentives.
  • If you’re motivated by extra incentives and bonuses. Accord may offer certain incentives, such as a credit card split, a 100% commission on renewals and bonuses for reaching certain monthly volume amounts.

Accord Business Funding small business financing at a glance

ProductFunding amountsRepayment termEstimated APR rangeFees
Merchant cash advance (MCA)$5,000-$150,000Not disclosedNot disclosedNot disclosed

Merchant cash advance

A merchant cash advance or MCA is a type of business financing that enables businesses to receive a lump sum of cash upfront in exchange for a portion of future earnings, usually deducted from daily credit card sales. Accord Business Funding serves as the behind-the-scenes support between you — a small business lender — and your customers, which are other small businesses. Accord Business Funding provides the underwriting and the funding for the MCAs that you make.

It’s unclear from the website whether you, the lender, are able to set your own terms for the merchant cash advances or if Accord Business Funding sets the pricing. Either way, Accord Business Funding may offer numerous different profit incentives, such as 100% commission on your customer’s MCA renewals and a 3% commission bonus for MCAs made to Texas-based businesses.

Accord Business Funding borrower requirements

Minimum annual revenueN/A
Minimum annual revenueN/A
Minimum time in businessN/A
Minimum credit scoreN/A

Accord Business Funding doesn’t provide much information about which types of small business lenders will qualify for a partnership. Additionally, it’s difficult to judge how easy Accord Business Funding is to work with since there is very little information online. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has no complaints or reviews on the company. On Trustpilot, Accord Business Funding has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, based on 29 reviews (24 of which were made by people who’ve never submitted a review of any other company before).

Alternatives to Accord Business Funding

Accord Business FundingCommercial Fleet FinancingCredibly
Minimum credit scoreN/A640N/A
Loan products offered
  • Merchant cash advance partnerships
  • Equipment loans
  • Equipment leases
  • Auction line of credit
  • Working capital loans
  • Business expansion loans
  • Business lines of credit
  • U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) loans
Time to fundingN/ANext day48 hours
Starting interest ratesN/A
Undisclosed factor rate
Not disclosed5.00%
Maximum loan size$150,000$10,000-$1,000,000$400,000
Minimum revenueN/AN/A$15,000 per month

Accord Business Funding vs. Commercial Fleet Financing

If you’d still prefer to do business with a Texas-focused lender but need help instead with financing the equipment you need for your business, consider the aptly-named Commercial Fleet Financing. It offers loans and leases for business equipment, and also a unique product: a line of credit for when you go to auctions. Make sure to do your due diligence when researching financing companies, since — like Accord Business Funding — Commercial Fleet Financing offers very few details about how much the financing costs before you apply.

Accord Business Funding vs. Credibly

If having a lot of transparency before you apply, and being able to use the funds for your own business (as opposed to lending the money to others) is important to you, consider Credibly. It also offers working capital loans, business expansion loans and lines of credit, and SBA loans. It’s also far more upfront about pricing and features than Accord Business Funding. For example, Credibly lets you know upfront that in order to get a working capital loan, you can expect factor rates starting from 1.09%.