Free Home Ownership Guide - National Homeownership Month

June is National Homeownership Month, and to commemorate the occasion, LendingTree is releasing a series of four ebooks, free of charge, to help home buyers and homeowners make the most of the opportunities available to them today.

Whether you’re a first-timer or just someone who hasn’t taken out a home loan recently, the user-friendly ebooks are designed to help you make home-buying and financing decisions with confidence.

From tips on choosing the right mortgage to “how-tos” for protecting your home’s value with proper maintenance, LendingTree’s ebooks are packed with valuable information for homeowners and those who aspire to homeownership.

The first book in the series is geared to the first-time home buyer, and covers these topics:

  • Is homeownership for you?
  • Pre-qualifying for your real estate purchase -- how much can you afford?
  • Investigating online – finding homes, checking out neighborhoods, and comparing lenders
  • Special programs for first-time buyers
  • Clearing the down payment hurdle

Download the First-Time Home Buyer ebook.

Homeownership education has been shown by many studies to improve the home buying and owning experience. The John Glenn School of Public Affairs, for example, states that “homebuyers are less likely to become delinquent or default on their mortgages payments, and/or are better able to recover from a delinquency or default and avoid foreclosure. Further, homeowners receiving counseling and education will be better equipped to make financially sound decisions to refinance or sell their homes.”

The series of books represents just one part of LendingTree’s commitment to the education of home buyers and owners. Download the First-Time Home Buyer ebook.


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