Meet your needs with a personal loan through LendingTree

Personal loans can be used to finance virtually anything, from consolidating credit card debt to making home improvements. With fixed interest rates and fixed monthly payments, you’ll always know how much you owe and when your bill is due.

custom offers in minutes
custom offers in minutes
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Compare loans to help you reach your financial goals

Personal loans can be used for a variety of reasons. Secure the financing you need to make a big purchase, consolidate debt and reach financial milestones.

Debt consolidation

Consolidate your debt into one monthly payment. You might qualify for a lower interest rate or lower monthly payments.

Credit card refinancing

Save money by refinancing your credit card debt with a personal loan. You may qualify for a lower rate to pay off high-interest credit card debt.

Home improvement

Add value to your home while making it a better place to live with a home improvement loan. Personal loans give you the flexibility to make upgrades or fixes as you see fit.

Major purchases

Finance a major purchase like a household appliance, furniture and more with a personal loan.

Vacation and wedding expenses

Host the wedding you always imagined on a budget that makes sense for you and your betrothed. Or, take the honeymoon of a lifetime.

Car repair or purchase

Get moving by using a personal loan to cover car repairs or to purchase a vehicle.

Seeking a personal loan through LendingTree

Lendingtree Personal Loan Advantages

What it’s like to find a personal loan using LendingTree

LendingTree is an online marketplace that lets you compare loan offers from multiple lenders, so you can choose the best offer for your financial situation. When you search for a loan through LendingTree, you’ll go through four simple steps:

  1. Your Loan Request – We start with the basics of what you’re looking for in a loan such as the loan amount.
  2. Finding Lenders – Next we’ll ask for location details to find supporting area lenders.
  3. Personalizing Offers – As needed for all personalized offers, we’ll ask for basic financials so we can find your best rates and offers.
  4. Security and Protection – Security of your information is critical to us. Our verification process takes less than a minute.

Depending on your creditworthiness, you may get up to five loan offers from our partner lenders. When you choose the loan with your best terms, you can save money over the life of the loan.

How to compare offers today

Generally, you’ll want to accept the offer with the lowest possible APR, or annual percentage rate, for your financial situation to save the most money over the course of the loan. But also important, is selecting a monthly payment that’s affordable for your budget and within your means. Check LendingTree’s real customer reviews of our lenders and be sure you select one you feel comfortable with and can trust. You should also compare available repayment terms, borrowing limits and fees, such as a loan origination fee or prepayment penalty. Consider any convenience features a certain lender may have, like a smartphone app. When you shop around for your best terms on a personal loan, you could save hundreds of dollars.

For instance, a three-year, $10,000 loan with 8.00% APR will cost about $400 less than a loan with the same amount and loan length, but at 10.50% APR.

Use the calculator below to see how much you can save by shopping around for a lower APR: