Will Collicott

Will Collicott is a web content coordinator and writer at LendingTree, where he writes and updates credit card reviews, guides and comparisons.

Before joining LendingTree, Will worked as an editor at The History Press. He knows personal finance topics can be overwhelming, and even just choosing the right credit card can be a challenge. That’s why Will is dedicated to researching and reporting accurate and accessible content to help guide readers.

When not writing for LendingTree, Will is usually traveling, playing disc golf or picking on his guitar.


  • Credit card product reviews
  • Credit card comparisons
  • Cash back cards
  • Balance transfer cards
  • Building credit



  • 7+ years of professional writing experience
  • Helped develop the process for updating LendingTree’s credit card content



  • Bachelor of Arts, Coastal Carolina University


Will’s favorite credit cards

“I’m currently using the Citi Simplicity® Card to pay off a high-interest balance I transferred from an older card. I love this card because it has a reasonable balance transfer fee and gives you almost two years to pay off your balance. My everyday cards are the Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card and Amazon Prime Visa, which I use to earn cash back on every single purchase I make. Between these two cards, I usually earn over $700 each year!”

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