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When you're looking for an auto loan, it pays to shop around. LendingTree helps you compare auto loan rates and loan terms from multiple lenders.  Compare different types of automobile loans, including new car loans, used car loans, and refinancing options, whether you're buying from a dealer, or a private seller.

New and Used Auto Loans

Receive a great fixed-rate auto loan for your new or used car or auto refinance. Before you apply, we want to make sure you understand the basics of interest rates when it comes to financing a car.

New Car Loans

With LendingTree, you can get a new auto loan with a great rate.

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  • Get approved, then shop for a new car

Used Car Loans

Get a used auto loan with a great rate.

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  • Get your car loan, then shop for used cars

Auto Loan Refinancing

Take advantage of low auto loan refinancing rates to lower your car payment. Not sure if refinancing makes sense for you? Read our Do's and Don'ts of Auto Loan Refinancing. When you're ready, apply online for an auto loan refinance. It's free, with no obligation, and you'll be able to compare auto loan rates from multiple lenders.

  • Free online refinance request
  • Free auto loan refinancing quotes
  • Compare rates so you get the best deal
  • Save money with a lower interest rate

Compare Auto Loan Rates

LendingTree helps you compare auto loan rates from multiple lenders. Compare auto quotes from competing providers. It's fast, easy, and best of all, free.

Find a Car

Are you in the market to buy a new or used car? LendingTree Autos can help you find and finance your next car. Access auto lenders as well as local dealers to help you purchase your next automobile. LendingTree Autos can help you with all stages of your next vehicle purchase, including:

  • Access to manufacturer data
  • Used car values for trade-in
  • Auto financing

Buying a new or used car can be stressful, but with the right tools, we empower you to make a smart car buying decision.

Additional Resources

Your credit rating and past credit issues may affect your ability to get auto loan financing, or the listed interest rates on an auto loan.

If you want more information on all there is about auto loans, visit our auto loan basics section to read up on topics like rebate vs dealer financing and comparing auto loans.

Glossary Terms

Amortization is the gradual reduction of a debt by regular scheduled payments of interest and principal. <a href='/glossary/what-is-amortization' title='See the full definition of Amortization'>read more</a>
Annual Percentage Rate
The cost of credit, including the interest and fees, expressed as an interest rate. APR was created to make it easier for consumers to compare loans... <a href='/glossary/what-is-annual-percentage-rate' title='See the full definition of Annual Percentage Rate'>read more</a>
A borrower is anyone who has to borrow money in order to pay for an expense. <a href='/glossary/what-is-borrower' title='See the full definition of Borrower'>read more</a>
Dealer Charges
Charges for extra services or products sold by the dealer, including rust proofing, undercoating and extended warranties. <a href='/glossary/what-is-dealer-charges' title='See the full definition of Dealer Charges'>read more</a>
Dealer Holdback
An allowance, usually between 2 and 3 percent of MSRP, which manufacturers provide dealers, frequently as a credit to the dealer's account. A holdback... <a href='/glossary/what-is-dealer-holdback' title='See the full definition of Dealer Holdback'>read more</a>
Dealer Incentives
Programs offered by manufacturers to increase the sales of slow-selling models or to reduce excess inventories. Dealers may elect to pass on the... <a href='/glossary/what-is-dealer-incentives' title='See the full definition of Dealer Incentives'>read more</a>
Dealer Invoice
The amount which dealers are invoiced or billed by the manufacturer for a vehicle and any optional accessories. <a href='/glossary/what-is-dealer-invoice' title='See the full definition of Dealer Invoice'>read more</a>
Dealer Sticker Price
The Monroney sticker price plus the suggested retail price of dealer-installed options, dealer preparation, and undercoating. <a href='/glossary/what-is-dealer-sticker-price' title='See the full definition of Dealer Sticker Price'>read more</a>
Invoice Price
The invoice price is the manufacturer’s original charge to the dealer. <a href='/glossary/what-is-invoice-price' title='See the full definition of Invoice Price'>read more</a>
Lease Fee
The lease fee for a vehicle is the monthly lease payment multiplied by the term of the lease. <a href='/glossary/what-is-lease-fee' title='See the full definition of Lease Fee'>read more</a>
A lender is an entity that makes funds available for borrowing. <a href='/glossary/what-is-lender' title='See the full definition of Lender'>read more</a>
Loan Program
A loan program is the interest rate feature and the terms of your loan. <a href='/glossary/what-is-loan-program' title='See the full definition of Loan Program'>read more</a>
Loan Terms
Loan terms are what is expected of the lender and borrower upon disbursement of a loan. <a href='/glossary/what-is-loan-terms' title='See the full definition of Loan Terms'>read more</a>
Monthly Payment
The monthly payment is how much a borrower will pay each month toward principal and interest on a loan. <a href='/glossary/what-is-monthly-payment' title='See the full definition of Monthly Payment'>read more</a>
Monthly Payment with PI
The monthly payment with PI is how much a borrower will pay each month toward principal and interest on a loan. <a href='/glossary/what-is-monthly-payment-with-pi' title='See the full definition of Monthly Payment with PI'>read more</a>
Rate is the amount of interest on the loan, expressed as an interest rate or annual percentage rate (APR) of the principal. Also called an interest... <a href='/glossary/what-is-rate' title='See the full definition of Rate'>read more</a>
A rebate is an incentive paid by a car manufacturer as a way to increase sales of products. <a href='/glossary/what-is-rebate' title='See the full definition of Rebate'>read more</a>
Sticker Price
Sticker price is another term for manufacturer's suggested retail price or list price. <a href='/glossary/what-is-sticker-price' title='See the full definition of Sticker Price'>read more</a>
Term refers to the period of time between the beginning loan date on the legal documents and the date the entire balance of the loan is due. <a href='/glossary/what-is-term' title='See the full definition of Term'>read more</a>

Auto financing 101

In order to qualify for the best possible auto financing, you’ll want to be armed with some good knowledge right up front. Here are some important things to ask and keep in mind through the process.

Questions to ask the finance rep

  • Is my credit good enough?
  • Can I apply with a co-applicant?
  • Can I really afford an extra monthly payment?

Leasing vs. Buying

The decision to lease or buy a car is an important one. One of the main reasons many people opt to lease is because a lease can often offer smaller monthly payments than a purchase. This is especially appealing for people who like the idea of driving a brand new car every few years without having to shell out a lot of cash. But leasing a car also has its drawbacks. A lease typically only allows you to drive between 10,000 and 15,000 maximum miles per year. If you have a long daily commute, a lease is probably not your best option, plus you’ll have to take excellent care of the car to be sure you don’t incur any expenses beyond normal wear and tear.

Purchasing a car is an excellent option if you plan on keeping the car for a long time. You may be able to get a car loan term for up to 72 months, which can significantly lower your monthly payments. Or, if your credit is excellent and you qualify for a really low interest rate, you might opt for a shorter loan term. Also, if you like to drive a lot, it’s up to you: no one can limit the number of miles you drive per year.

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Auto loan checklist

Buying a car shouldn’t be a spontaneous decision. It should be a smart decision. So make sure you’re really prepared so you don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong car or, worse yet, paying too much for it. Here are some tools to help you make the best decisions about your next car loan.

Top Car buying mistakes

Before you sign the dotted line, consider these 5 common mistakes – and don’t make any of them!

  • Getting hung up on one car model. Keep your options open. You might find a lower priced car that serves all your needs and more.
  • Not doing your research. Even if you’ve narrowed your choice to a couple of different models, keep in mind important factors such as safety ratings and repairs. Get a head start here.
  • Buying too much car. Buy what you need, not what you think you want. Those car loan payments come every month, like clockwork.
  • Not considering all your financing options. Dealers offer incentives that sound tempting, including the promise of zero-percent financing. But because these offers usually entail paying a higher purchase price, you can often get a better deal from an outside lender.
  • Not taking the car for a spin. Make sure it’s the kind of car you’re comfortable driving every day for the next several years - or more.
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How much car can you afford?

Use this Auto Loan Calculator to see your monthly payments based on your loan amount, intrest rate terms

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Bad credit car loans

What to expect when trying to get a car loan with poor or bad credit

If you have poor or bad credit (or no credit) the first thing that usually happens when you try to get an auto loan is that most car dealers are likely turn you down. But don’t lose hope. There are other ways you can qualify for auto financing.

Probably the biggest drawback for you is that you’ll most likely have to pay a steep interest rate on your loan and you may have to put down a hefty down payment as well.

Let’s find you a car loan at LendingTree Autos

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No credit vs. bad credit?
  • Down payment may be higher
  • Interest rate may be high
  • May need to improve credit score
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Want a used car loan?

Make sure you buy the right car that’s really right for you. Often people get caught up in the excitement of a car purchase without considering all the important decisions. Used cars offer more breathing room when it comes to the initial purchase price as well as the auto loan terms you may be able to negotiate. Make sure you’re prepared.

In the meantime, why not take a look at some used cars?

Then see what used car loan you could get

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