Spring car care tips

The changing seasons mean different things for your vehicle. The following spring car cleaning tips can help you protect yourself and your investment.

The interior
Do you carry a sandbag or other heavy object in your trunk to improve how your rear-wheel-drive vehicle handles in the snow? If so, when the snow and ice melt, it’s time to clean out your trunk. Doing so will improve your gas mileage because you lighten your car’s load and this can mean considerable savings at the gas station.

You might also want to prepare the interior surfaces and upholstery of your car for more sun exposure. If you have leather seats, use a good leather protector to avoid any cracking and if you have cloth interiors invest in a product that will help avoid fading from sun exposure.

The exterior
The exterior of your car is exposed to different elements during different seasons. During the winter, it can be easy to let washing your car fall by the wayside. Your paint job and windshield may accumulate debris from the snow, as well as from the salt used on the streets to melt the snow. This could cause your car to have a cloudy appearance which is not only unattractive, but could also impair your vision. Take your car in for a professional wash so that you can rid your car’s exterior of any residue left over from the winter months and pay close attention to your tires, which can also suffer from buildup during the snowy season.

Also remember that spring is allergy season. This means that your car will probably be covered in pollen at some point. Pollen build up on your car can not only worsen your allergy symptoms, but impair your vision on the road, so be vigilant about keeping your car washed.

Give your car a thorough inspection
This means taking a good look at the underside of your car and inspecting it for any rust or other corrosion caused by the winter months. Winter’s salt and snow can wreak havoc on the seldom seen parts of your car, and the longer they go undiscovered, the more dangerous and expensive they get. Also pay close attention to your fluid levels. See if you need to change or refill your oil, wiper fluid, coolant and other lubricants to help prepare your car for the warmer months. If you aren’t comfortable evaluating the condition of your car yourself, take it in to a mechanic that you trust.

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