Even if you have less than perfect credit, LendingTree wants to help you purchase your next vehicle.

When you have bad credit, car loan financing can be a real hassle. You may have already experienced this at the dealer. You've found the car you want, at just the right price, but when it comes time to get your auto loan, you're told your credit isn't good enough. Even if you haven't had that experience, you can imagine it, right? What a disappointment! How much easier would it be to get your auto loan approved online with LendingTree before you went car shopping?

At LendingTree, we specialize in connecting you to lenders who help people with bad credit purchase their car with a subprime auto loan, and our online application takes only minutes to fill out. You'll know right away if you've been approved. If you're not, don't worry! We have other options to help you too!

Who We Help

Whether you're looking to purchase a car from a private seller, or a dealership, LendingTree can help you find the auto financing you need. We've helped students, veterans, retirees, people on a pension, and individuals with low income obtain an auto loan. People with bankruptcies, repossessions, tax problems, or chargeoffs are all canidates to for auto loans with the right lenders.

LendingTree auto loans can help:

  • First time car buyers
  • People with no credit history
  • People with bad credit
  • Veterans
  • Military Personnel
  • Retirees
  • Anyone on a pension
‚Äč Get an Auto Loan

Okay, I'm approved! Now what?

Once you're approved, you'll be able to walk into any dealership and negotiate for the car you need with confidence! Or, if you're doing a private party sale, you'll have a check in hand to complete the deal.

If I'm not approved, what other options do I have?

If you're not approved, don't sweat it. If your credit won't allow us to connect you with one of our direct lenders, we'll still be able to match you with a retail dealer who specializes in providing bad credit auto loans. Or, we may connect you with a direct dealer relationship to help you purchase the car you want. The bottom line is, even with bad credit, you have many options when you choose to complete your application online with us.

Bad Credit isn't my only problem. Can LendingTree help?

Bad credit isn't the only problem that can stop you from getting an auto loan. We help people with:

  • Low Credit Scores
  • Low Income
  • Bankruptcy
  • Repossession
  • Chargeoffs
  • Tax Problems

Frequently Asked Questions