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Small business loans are great for when you're ready to amp up your existing business.  Let's say your company is growing nicely but maybe you could really use some new working capital, or some new equipment or materials.  Or you might need to refinance some debt or finance account receivables.  Now just may be the perfect time to fund your small business with a business loan.

Need a small business loan?  No problem.  This is not just another bank loan that can take months to process.  Small business lending doesn't have to be a headache; because we work with a variety of lenders, we can help you find the best lender with the best rate - from right where you're sitting. Its that easy.

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How much are you looking to borrow?

The amount you'll be approved to borrow is based on key factors such as how long you've been in business, your company's annual revenue and, of course, your credit score.

We'll connect you with multiple lenders so you can decide which business loan is right for you.

Glossary Terms

Annual Percentage Rate
The cost of credit, including the interest and fees, expressed as an interest rate. APR was created to make it easier for consumers to compare loans... <a href='/glossary/what-is-annual-percentage-rate' title='See the full definition of Annual Percentage Rate'>read more</a>
Working Capital
Working capital signifies the measurable assets that a business uses in its day-to-day operation. <a href='/glossary/what-is-working-capital' title='See the full definition of Working Capital'>read more</a>
Equipment Financing / Equipment Loan
Equipment financing is the practice of extending capital to a business for the purchase of equipment. <a href='/glossary/what-is-equipment-financing-loan' title='See the full definition of Equipment Financing / Equipment Loan '>read more</a>
DUNS Number
A DUNS number is a nine-digit identification number issued to a business by the company Dun & Bradstreet. <a href='/glossary/what-is-duns-number' title='See the full definition of DUNS Number'>read more</a>
DNB is the stock symbol for Dun & Bradstreet, which is sometimes used as an abbreviation for the company’s name. <a href='/glossary/what-is-dnb' title='See the full definition of DNB'>read more</a>
Credit Card Receivables
Credit card receivables, also known as credit card factoring, is a type of financing available to businesses that are paid by customers with credit... <a href='/glossary/what-is-credit-card-receivables' title='See the full definition of Credit Card Receivables'>read more</a>
Business Credit
Business credit is a way for potential lenders, vendors, suppliers, and others to evaluate a business’ creditworthiness. <a href='/glossary/what-is-business-credit' title='See the full definition of Business Credit'>read more</a>
Business Acquisition
A business acquisition is a transaction in which a company buys most (if not all) of another company’s ownership stakes in order to assume control of... <a href='/glossary/what-is-business-acquisition' title='See the full definition of Business Acquisition'>read more</a>
Accounts Receivable Financing
Accounts receivable financing, also known as “factoring,” is a practice in which a business sells its invoices to a third-party financial company to... <a href='/glossary/what-is-accounts-receivable-financing' title='See the full definition of Accounts Receivable Financing'>read more</a>

Business Loan Calculator

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Get business loan offers in a few simple steps!
Get business loan offers in a few simple steps!

11 types of Business Financing

Category Amount Interest Repayment Effort Timeline Collateral
Bank Loans $200K+ < 10% 7+ years 25+ hours 
2-6+ months
Required. Preferably, real estate. Vehicles and marketable equipment can also qualify
Microloans $500 - $100K 8-15% 1-5 years 10+ hours 
 1-3+ month
Preferred but usually not required.
Term Loans $5,000 - $500,000 7% - 25% 1-5 years 1-2 hours A week Personal guarantee
Equipment Financing $5,000 - $5,000,000 8% - 25% 2-10 years 1-2 hours 
 1-4 weeks
Cashflow Loans $200 - $100,000 25% - 90% 6 - 12 months Minutes  
7 minutes - 3 days
Personal guarantee
Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) $200 - $250,000 70% - 350% 3 - 12 months Minutes A week Not required
Revenue Loans $10,000 - $1,000,000 15% - 40% 1 - 3 years 10+ hours 
 A month or so
Not required
Receivable Financing 85% of AR 15% - 35% 1 - 3 months 1-2 hours 
 A few days
Account Receivables
Equity CrowdFunding $50,000 - $5,000,000 Equity 5+ years 25+ hours 
 3+ months
Not required
Reward CrowdFunding $1,000 - $100,000 Reward < 1.5 years 25+ hours 
 1 - 3 months
Not required
Startup Financing $1,000 - $300,000 3 - 50% 1-10 years 25+ hours 
 1 day - 1 month
Not usually required

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I am approved for financing, how do I access my funds?
Business loan proceeds can be delivered in several ways – a check to be deposited, a wire transfer to your bank account, a checkbook you can use for your line of credit, a credit card you can use to draw funds, or other online transfer methods such as PayPal. 
What types of business financing do lenders provide?
There are four main types of business loans. Long-term loans are often used to expand a business, acquire a business, refinance a business or provide working capital. Short-term loans don’t have monthly payments – they are due in full at the end of their terms. They’re used to purchase inventory, pay bills or complete quick projects. They work especially well for seasonal businesses. Lines of credit allow small businesses to access funds easily on the fly, much like using a credit card. Alternative financing options include cash advances, leasebacks, peer-to-peer loans, asset-based loans and crowdfunding resources. These can be used for anything, but amounts are typically much smaller than bank loans and rates are often higher.
How long does the process usually take?
The process can be as quick as 24-48 hours with the majority of loans processing in less than a week.
What is LendingTree?

By coming to LendingTree.com, you have accessed the leading online loan and realty services marketplace. LendingTree quickly connects consumers to Lenders (click for a list) who compete for your business. LendingTree Lenders offer an array of loan types, including mortgages, home equity loans, auto loans, personal loans, and credit cards. LendingTree provides a convenient 'one-stop-shop' for your loan needs by giving you choice, convenience and value while helping you find the lender or REALTOR® that's perfect for you.

LendingTree helps you get competing loan offers in one of two ways. First, there is the traditional LendingTree Network where you can get matched with up to four lenders who compete for your business. Second, there is the LendingTree Loans process. See the FAQ below for more information on the LendingTree Loans process.

How can I reduce the amount of my monthly term loan payments?
Loan payments depend on two things – the length of their term and their interest rate. Obviously, then, to get the lowest payment, you’ll want to shop for the lowest rate. Choosing a loan with a longer term also reduces your monthly payment, although extending your repayment does increase the amount you pay over the loan’s entire term. 
Are there any risks associated with applying for a business loan?
There is no risk or cost to apply and our network of lenders service a wide variety of business loan needs. They tend to focus more on the health of your business and its robust performance than your own personal credit score. This can be a big bonus for some people. 
What are the loan terms?
There are a variety of terms offered by our lenders. Some are as short as six months while others are up to five years. Some of our lenders offer lines of credit in which there isn’t a fixed term payback.