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    The 5 Biggest Threats to Low Mortgage Rates in 2016
    Can you expect a continuation of low mortgage rates in 2016? To some extent, mortgage rates have already defied the odds by staying this low for this long, but it is possible they could continue to do...Read More
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    What if Mortgage Rates Went Back to the Future?
    The Chicago Cubs' return to the Major League Baseball playoffs reminded several fans that in 1989, the movie Back to the Future Part II predicted that the Cubs would win the World Series in 2015. Movies...Read More
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    Mortgage Rates: What to Expect in 2016
    What's going to happen to mortgage rates in 2016? Sorry if you've seen it before, but this writer often recycles his favorite quote, which was said by the late Harvard economics professor John Kenneth...Read More
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    The History of Mortgage Rates: Then and Now
    Experience is a great teacher, but not always the most practical one. Take understanding mortgage rates, for example. Interest rate trends sometimes play out over the course of decades. so by the time...Read More
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    Should You Lock or Float Your Mortgage Rate?
    When closing on a home loan or refinancing your existing mortgage, one of the questions your loan officer is going to ask you is if you want to lock or float your mortgage rate. If you've never purchased...Read More
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    Adjustable-Rate Mortgages: Pros and Cons
    Learning the pros and cons of adjustable-rate mortgages can help you decide if the benefit of lower interest rates for a specified introductory period works for you. When the introductory period expires,...Read More
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    Mortgage Rates Today: Where They're Headed and What You Need to Know
    A funny thing happened on the way to a predicted slight increase in mortgage rates in mid-August 2015. Interest dropped to the lower end of the narrow band in which it's fluttered this summer. On August...Read More
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    10 Ways to Get Lowest Mortgage Rates
    Mortgage rates are usually the first consideration when you're shopping for a mortgage. While mortgage lenders advertise their best rates, it can be challenging to qualify for those rates. However, these...Read More
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    The 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan
    The mortgage arena is constantly changing. Mortgage lenders and loan products come and go. Guidelines are updated. Laws are enacted. One player in this evolving environment, however, has remained steady,...Read More
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