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    Mortgage Rates: Fixed or Adjustable Rate?
    While mortgage rates are historically low, you'll want to find the best way to make home loan interest rates work for you. Fixed mortgage interest rates offer a stable principal and interest (P & I) payment...Read More
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    What is a Good Credit Score?
    What is a good credit score in 2015? That is, a score that gives you a reasonable shot at being approved for mortgages, personal loans, auto financing and credit cards? A score that doesn't dump you into...Read More
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    Your ARM Mortgage: Where's the Ceiling? Where's the Floor?
    Adjustable rate ceilings or caps and floors can provide benefits such as lower mortgage rates, but it's important to understand how and when your ARM mortgage rate can change. These factors affect how...Read More
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    Why Negative Mortgage News Is So Positive
    We usually think of mortgage news as something near and immediate, events which may influence our decisions regarding whether to finance or refinance.Mortgage News from AbroadHow then do we account for...Read More
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    How Much Can Mortgage Rates Change In One Year?
    At just under four percent, current mortgage rates are among the lowest in history. Consumers should be wary, though: those rates could rise at any time, and the size of the increase could be shocking....Read More
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    Mortgage APR: How to Compare Home Loans
    When you shop for a mortgage, you look at the interest rate, the terms, the costs and the annual percentage rate, or APR. Many advisors recommend choosing the loan with the lowest annual percentage rate...Read More
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    How Oil Prices Affect Mortgage Rates
    Like most Americans, you probably fill your car up with gas every week or so, and have probably noticed that the long, beautiful slide in gas prices has recently reversed course. What you may not realize...Read More
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    APR vs Interest Rate: What's the "Real" Mortgage Rate?
    If you pay much attention to mortgage advertising, you've probably noticed that there are two interest rates on every promotional email, flier, banner or TV spot. There's an interest rate (often accompanied...Read More
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    Why Do Mortgage Rates Differ Between States?
    Consumers who use helpful tools like LendingTree's LoanExplorer might wonder why they have to input a zip code in order to get a list of mortgage rate quotes from competing lenders. Why would the property...Read More
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