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    Second Home Mortgage: 4 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Second Home
    Owning a second home might just be the ultimate American dream. Taking on a second home mortgage is not. Don't let your dream of a quintessential Maine cottage or an upscale Vail ski chalet turn into a...Read More
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    PMI: How to Pay Less
    Are you stuck paying for private mortgage insurance (PMI) and want a way to reduce or eliminate the payments? For many homeowners, PMI is what enables them to become homeowners. Saving a 20 percent down...Read More
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    Buying A House: Tips & Tricks To Save For Your Down Payment
    It's easy to dream about buying a house. It is much harder to save up for your down payment.For most Americans, buying a house means coming up with a substantial down payment. LendingTree data showed that...Read More
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    Selling a Home: Should You Pay Buyers' Closing Costs?
    When selling a home, agreeing to pay the buyer's closing costs can help you expand the pool of potential buyers and close a deal. However, this concession may involve a significant financial cost. To make...Read More
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    How to Buy a House (With a Little Help from Your Tax Refund)
    Expecting a tax refund this year? If so, you may have spent it several times over in your mind before you even receive it. But how about using this year's refund for something that will really make a life-style...Read More
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    Home Loan with Bad Credit: Not Impossible
    You know your credit is less-than-perfect, but is it good enough to get a mortgage? The Federal Reserve says that 41 percent of renters think their credit scores are too low for them to buy homes. They...Read More
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    How Do Lenders Set ARM Mortgage Rates?
    Adjustable rate mortgage loans (ARMs) are excellent tools that, when used properly, can save homebuyers and real estate investors thousands of dollars. Understanding how adjustable rate mortgages work...Read More
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    The 5 Minute Mortgage: Mortgage Comparison with LoanExplorer
    If you spend much time looking at mortgage advice on personal finance sites, you'll notice a pattern. Experts consistently recommend that you perform a mortgage comparison with several lenders before applying....Read More
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    Down Payment or Diamond?
    Getting married and buying a home are major milestones in anyone's lifetime. But should you spend big for a diamond ring, wedding and honeymoon? Or should you put your cash toward a down payment to buy...Read More
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