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    Comparing Different Mortgage Offers: Tips for Success
    You've requested several mortgage quotes and want to compare them to find your best mortgage deal. Although comparing rates is important when comparing different mortgage offers, you'll need to dig deeper...Read More
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    How Does a Mortgage Work?
    How does a mortgage work?Oddly enough, people often sign up for mortgage loans without really understanding how they work. After all, you are the borrower, not the lender, right? You might only be doing...Read More
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    Government Report Says Shopping for Mortgage Could Save Thousands
    You probably shopped around before buying your last TV to get the best deal. After all, saving $100 on a TV feels pretty good. So imagine how saving thousands on a mortgage might feel. Unfortunately,...Read More
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    Factors That Influence Mortgage Interest Rate Trends
    While no one can predict with certainty what's next for the economy, or interest rates, or the stock market, it is still possible to get an idea of what might be coming. Mortgage interest rate trends,...Read More
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    How Do You Handle A Mortgage That You Can't Afford?
    Due to unforeseen circumstances, some homeowners may come across hard financial times in which they find themselves unable to afford their mortgage. This could be due to losing a job, a decrease in work...Read More
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    Selling Your Home: Six Tips for Success
    Selling your home is a major decision that involves emotional and financial considerations. While it can be difficult to be objective about your home, attracting buyers is the name of the game for a quick...Read More
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    Mortgage Credit -- Is It Easier or Harder to Get?
    For the past several years there have been concerns that credit is somehow too tight for mortgage borrowers. Surely everyone would like easier credit because that would mean more loan application successes...Read More
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    5 Mortgage Shopping Tips
    Before you start looking at homes, the first thing you will need to accomplish is doing some mortgage shopping. Obtaining a home loan (and buying a home) is most likely the biggest purchase you will ever...Read More
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    Credit Score For A Home Loan: What You Need To Know
    No one likes to be thought of as just a number, but to mortgage lenders, your credit score might be the most important thing about you. Knowing how you can be affected by a credit score for a home loan...Read More
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