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    Buying a Home: New or Pre-Owned?
    It's one of the most fundamental decisions in buying a home: new vs. pre-owned? Knowing the issues involved in buying a newly-built or a pre-owned structure will help you make the decision that is right...Read More
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    ARM Mortgage Comparison: The Index Matters
    Comparing mortgages? If you are looking at an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), you might be missing something.Your mortgage comparison has probably covered the starting interest rate, and you should know...Read More
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    Lender-paid Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and How it Works
    Most mortgage programs require borrowers to buy mortgage insurance coverage when they borrow against more than 80 percent of a home's purchase price or value. It can be expensive (the cost is added to...Read More
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    Buying a House: Why You Shouldn't Wait Until Summer
    If you're thinking of buying a house this year, you should consider starting your preparations right now. As with most major projects (and you're unlikely to have many bigger ones in your life), careful...Read More
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    Buying a Home: How to Finance a Rental Property
    Rental real estate investing has long been viewed as a vehicle for achieving wealth. Today, despite the recent foreclosure crisis that caused many to lose a great deal in property markets, real estate...Read More
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    Home Shopping? Could You Use an Extra $24k?
    Before getting into the details of how you can save about $24,000 when buying your next home, let's get one thing straight: real estate brokers care about their commission first, and your pocketbook...Read More
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    Take Care of Student Loans Before Buying a House
    Buying a house is a major milestone of adulthood. However, many first-time homebuyers are finding that milestone is harder to reach because they are saddled with school loans. According to the National...Read More
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    Broker or Banker? Who Has the Best Mortgages?
    Who has the best mortgages: brokers or bankers? As is usual with such questions, the answer is a resounding "It depends." But understanding the advantages and disadvantages of using each (or both) could...Read More
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    What Is Escrow? Closing Your Purchase or Refinance
    What is escrow? In general, it means receiving, holding or paying money for someone else. For example, many mortgage programs require that you include a portion of your annual real estate taxes and homeowner's...Read More
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