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    Mortgage News -- How To Overcome Tight Credit
    Is real estate financing tougher to get than in the past? Much of today's mortgage news reflects the idea that home loans are hard to get, perhaps one reason why the real estate market remains fragile....Read More
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    Mortgage News: Lender Complaints Decline
    Here's a bit of good mortgage news for both consumers and lenders: new figures from the Federal Trade Commission show that complaints involving banks and lenders fell in 2014, a decline which took place...Read More
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    Is There Life in the Housing Market Yet?
    So far this year, data on home prices suggests that the pace of the housing recovery is slowing. Does that mean the party's over? Not necessarily - it may just be entering a new and more sustainable...Read More
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    Home Values: Buyers May Catch a Break from Slowing Sales
    Recent trends in home values could give would-be buyers a break - depending on where they look. In late August, the US Census Bureau reported the latest figures on new home sales....Read More
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    What To Do If Your HAMP Mortgage Re-sets
    Almost 900,000 federal loan modifications are scheduled to expire this year. Many borrowers who have enjoyed low rates will face higher monthly payments. Here's what to do if you're a HAMP borrower.Read More
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