Jacob Channel

Senior Economist

Jacob Channel is the Senior Economist for LendingTree where he conducts studies on a wide variety of subjects related to the U.S. housing market as well as provides general macroeconomic analysis.

Jacob joined LendingTree in 2018 as an intern before moving into his current position. His work has been featured in major publications including the New York Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, and CNBC and he has appeared as a guest on Cheddar TV and Yahoo Finance.

He earned his BA and MA in Economics from the New School and is based out of New York City.

Jacob can be reached at [email protected]

Articles by Jacob Channel

Nearly 1 Million Americans Fear They’ll Need to Leave Their Home Due to Foreclosure in the Near Future

With home prices still high and inflation hot, it can be difficult for households to afford necessary expenses. Because of this, some people are falling... read more

Small Populations and Big Costs: Towns With the Most $1 Million-Plus Homes

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15-Year Mortgages Could Save Borrowers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Over Lifetime of Loans, but Those Savings Come at a Cost

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Across Nation’s Largest Metros, Mortgage Denial Rate for Black Borrowers Is Twice That of Overall Borrower Population

Racial barriers to homeownership in the U.S. are undeniable for many, with Black Americans often facing the most obstacles during the homebuying process. One obstacle... read more

Empty but Expensive: Vacancy Rates in America’s Most Expensive Towns Top 23%

A March LendingTree study found more than 16 million vacant housing units in the U.S. This figure may seem steep but becomes more reasonable when... read more

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